Das sagen meine Kunden: 

1. Führungskräfte-Entwicklungsprogramme / Coaching

Teilnehmerbeurteilungen eines Leadership Trainings, Februar 2016:

Feedback Average: 5.00
(5 = Excellent  100%)
Some Comments:
Leonie during the entire week was able to truly understand each group member's
grief, patterns, dreams.
She was able to pinpoint for each member some experiences or situations
from the past that truly seem to influence his/her behavior today,
including several that the group had not thought about before.
She was a secure base for the entire week and helped the group bond very
quickly and deeply.
She steered discussions effectively and purposefully. We finished on time
without leaving issues open, except for when discussing the
lifelines, as there was a need to discuss further.
I strongly believe in coaching. Realized (once again) the true value of what a
great coach can bring to me in 5 days.
Leonie created and supported great spirit in our group. That was our security
Her comments were extremely helpful for my goals understanding.
Very well organized in terms of priorities, behavior.
Leonie proved to be intrinsically motivated to bring you further.
Secure base was right there!
She really let the space for the group and give so much good feedback to
She has a really nice and calm and supportive aura - I really enjoyed to
be in her coaching group! Thank you Leonie for this really good inputs! 

Teilnehmerbeurteilungen des HPL-Programms, März 2014:
Average: 4.86
5 = Excellent | 6 (86%)
4 = Good | 1 (14%)
3 = Fair | 0
2 = Poor | 0
1 = Very Poor | 0

Does the right thing at the right time.
overall a wonderful coach and great capacity to read emotions and signals
She speaks little, but always when it is necessary. I am very surprised by her ability to change somebody immediately. I really enjoyed working with her.
She was excellent, giving scale, incentivizing and taking the power when required
Very understanding and inspiring and taking her space but giving us enough space – God bless her
Good facilitation at discussions. Good illustration of topics being discussed. Thank you Leonie!

I was impressed how Leonie listened to our feedback and removed the barriers to fully realize the benefits of the program. I found her direction and guidance valuable and I feel privileged to have had her as a coach
Great support and challenging. Reads people very well, beyond what I expected. Warm personality with great ideas and advices.

Teilnehmerbeurteilungen eines internationalen leadership workshops des IMD in Sao Paulo, 2013:
Average: 5.00
(5 = Excellent /4 = Good /3 = Fair /2 = Poor/1 = Very Poor)

Precise contributions. Fantastic in teambuilding. She was an example of how to make people trust, be clear, be honest and work really to make each other a better person

She developed a great job, by orienting vs to find our real motivations, knowing each other and put in practice the exercises. Absolutely fantastic

An excellent coach, pushing us to reach deep inside and not being satisfied with superficial work. I thoroughly recommend her for the future as she is a great listener, searched along with us and is part of the team, not distant

Leonie leads the process in an excellent way. Never interfering but sharp in the approach. She takes the time for you and really helps you by asking the right questions

Leonie has been great. Her calmness, active listener, patience and follow observation, allowed her to make a great and unique contributions to all members of the team. At the same time she understood the group characteristics, needs and work and adapted to increase the performance of the groups dynamics and outcome. Leonie is really a gifted person that has a lot of energy and passion dealing with the team

Teilnehmerbeurteilungen eines internationalen leadership workshops des IMD in Lausanne, 2013:
Average: 5.00
(5 = Excellent /4 = Good /3 = Fair /2 = Poor/1 = Very Poor)

Good flow, knowledgeable and secure

Leonie was excellent throughout the week.

Always found the right balance between being encouraging when needed and being pushing/demanding when necessary. Thank you Leonie!

Very professional. Secure base. Matched the group.

Authentic, personal, feeling coach “best coach I had”

Leonie was essential for the setting and carrying through so everybody “played to win”.

 Leonie is a wonderful coach 

Teilnehmerbeurteilungen eines internationalen leadership workshops des IMD in Sao Paulo, 2012:
Average: 5.00
(5 = Excellent /4 = Good /3 = Fair /2 = Poor/1 = Very Poor)

Great person! Great insights! Very strong bond with the team! Congratulations for IMD for having such a person as coach!

Could not be better!

Leonie has great style and delivery. Her feedback is precise and highly of impact. She is fantastic

She was there when needed but also not there when required. That is coaching at a very high level. I felt very connected with her and she helped me through moments where a push or compression was required in a very natural way. Please. Raise her salary

Teilnehmerbeurteilungen eines internationalen leadership workshops des IMD in Sao Paulo, 2010:
Average: 5.00
(5 = Excellent /4 = Good /3 = Fair /2 = Poor/1 = Very Poor)

Impressive capability to coach. Transmits positive energy that together with her solid experience facilitated the whole work. To me personally it has been more than worthwhile process and convinced me that I should get a professional coach to support me in my future plans. Thanks Leonie.

She could notice exactly what were the most important points in each person of the group. Coaches very well, congratulations. Thank you

Leonie’s comments and perceptions were really key for the group. created a tremendous bonding.

She helped us to feel comfortable, opened and deeply sincere. Thank you Leonie!

Excellent insights, managed the group very well!

Leonie, you were really wonderful, helpful and directly to the point. It really impresses me how you could make such a good work in just 5 days of knowing each other. Congratulations! You really changed my life!! Thanks
Aus den Teilnehmerbeurteilungen

“Leonie is sincere, non-judgemental, with a good eye for motivations (why people act the way they do, and do what they do). Good contact with the clients. She has a clear picture of what is going on, but has patience to wait for the right moment for intervention. Lot of stamina ! She is not an “Enter-trainer”, not a show-off. Serious approach but not heavy. She is acting not for her own ego but for the client. Very integer! Very warmhearted !”
C. van Frankenhuizen, Senior Program Director at DeBaak Management Center, NL (project: NLL, an international leadership program)

2. Persönliches Coaching

Es ist an der Zeit Ihnen Danke zu sagen für die hervorragende Arbeit und am Ende für den herausragenden Erfolg Ihrer Arbeit. Das Ergebnis der von Ihnen durchgeführten Coaching-Maßnahme hat meine Erwartungen deutlich übertroffen. Insbesondere die Kommunikationsfähigkeit sowie das Führungs- und Sozialverhalten der von Ihnen gecoachten Führungskraft hat sich nicht nur in den sechs Monaten der Coaching-Zeit deutlich verbessert, sondern entspricht vollumfänglich meiner Wunschvorstellung. Gratulation, tolle Leistung Ihrerseits. Insbesondere hat mir bei Ihrer Vorgehensweise der sehr vertrauensvolle Umgang mit allen Beteiligten gefallen. Mir ist zwar bewusst, das Vertrauen und Integrität die Basis der Arbeit eines Coaches ist, aber der sensitive Umgang mit den Beteiligten ohne die Zielfokussierung aus den Augen zu verlieren hat mich sehr, sehr beeindruckt.

I came to know Mrs. Leonie Schneider-Kuttig, Leoconsult, through the recommendation of a professional friend in senior leading position of our company. In our coaching sessions from 2009 – 2010 we dealt with sophisticated questions regarding leadership in times of major change within our company and regarding work-life-balance. I highly appreciate the coaching style of Mrs Schneider-Kuttig. She is inspiring, transparent in her work, friendly and also confrontative when I needed it. The coaching sessions were insightful and brought substantial solutions.  A very gainful and effective invest.
Dimitri de Vreeze
President DSM Resins & Functional Materials

In einem "persönlichen Coaching" vermag Frau Kuttig ihrem Gesprächspartner freundlich aber bestimmt einen untrüglichen Spiegel vorzuhalten:
Unbewußte Verhaltensmuster und Wünsche werden gemeinsam erarbeitet und das Potential für eine sinnvolle Veränderung oder Weiterentwicklung aufgezeigt.
Diese Selbstreflexionen und Ausblicke fließen in eine ausführliche Dokumentation ein, so ist eine nachhaltige Hilfestellung garantiert.
Auch als Basis für weitergehende Beratungen gelingt es mit Frau Kuttig, zunächst die eigene Persönlichkeit zu erkennen und erfolgreich zu führen.
R.M. Kneutgen

3. Team Training

“During our team training with my DSM NeoResins –Local  Management Team in 2008 I came to know Mrs. Leonie Schneider-Kuttig, Leoconsult, as a very professional team trainer. Our team situation was difficult and annoying. We dealt with questions regarding cooperation and conflicts within my team of international  managers . I appreciated the training with Mrs Schneider-Kuttig. The methods she used were very effective, helpful, and brought the desired movements within our team.”
Jacqueline Touw
Global HR Director DSM Coating Resins , NL

4. Organisationsentwicklung

„Frau Leonie Schneider-Kuttig, Leoconsult, war ehrenamtlich mehr als 7 Jahre lang bis August 2010 für unsere Schule tätig. Sie hat regelmäßig die Moderation unseres monatlichen Eltern-Lehrer-Kreises übernommen, eines der Leitungsgremien unserer Schule, zusammengesetzt aus den Eltern-Vertretern aller Klassen und Lehrer-Vertretern. Frau Schneider-Kuttig hat Problemlösungsprozesse an unserer Schule eingeführt, eklatant zu einer Verbesserung der Kommunikation zwischen den verschiedenen Schulgremien beigetragen, und unser Leitbild mit entwickelt.  Des Weiteren hat sie durch einen „Zukunfts-Workshop“ mit Lehrern und Eltern wichtige Impulse für die Zukunft gegeben, die heute zum großen Teil umgesetzt sind und werden. Für unsere von Eltern und Lehrern selbst organisierten Schule war dies ein wichtiger und nachhaltig nützlicher Beitrag!“
Freie Waldorfschule Sankt Augustin
Thomas Freitag
Mitglied der Schulleitung

5. Recruiting, hier: Azubi-Auswahl

„Success-Story:  Mit LeoConsult haben wir einen Partner gefunden, der über eine einzigartige Kompetenz bei der Auswahl unserer Auszubildenden verfügt. Die seit 1997 bestehende erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit verhalf uns bis jetzt zu 67 Auszubildenden, die alle über das von LeoConsult angewandte Testverfahren ausgewählt wurden. Bei Überprüfung des Ausbildungsfortschritts zeigt sich immer wieder eine deutlich positive Korrelation zwischen den erzielten Testergebnissen und der Entwicklung der Auszubildenden. Identische Rückmeldungen erhalten wir auch von den Berufsschulen. Die erfolgreiche Partnerschaft mit LeoConsult wollen wir gerne zukünftig fortsetzen.“
Dipl.-Volkswirtin Ellen Baum, Personalleitung eines mittelständischen Unternehmens mit 90 Mitarbeitern – September 2011

6. Workshop Kommunikation

Teilnehmer-Feedbacks aus einem Workshop “Kommunikation”, START Zeitarbeit, ein mittelständisches Unternehmen:

  • „sehr gut, ging in die Tiefe“
  • „sehr hilfreich zur Selbsterkenntnis, weiterführend für meine Arbeit, ein wichtiger Schritt zur persönlichen Weiterentwicklung, sehr gut geführtes Seminar, sympathisch und kompetent, super“ 
  • „informativ, machte nachdenklich und regt Veränderungen an. Danke, ich konnte für mich beruflich und privat viel mitnehmen. “
  • „Super, vieles klarer geworden. Neues dazugelernt. Einfach mal die eigenen „Fehler“ gesehen und draus gelernt“
  • “sehr informativ und aufschlussreich und voller neuer Impulse. Die Trainerin: sehr charmant, konsequent, sich selbst treu bleibend … immer wieder !“
  • „übertraf meine Erwartungen. Das beste Training!“