What my clients say:

1. (Executive Development Program / Coaching)

Ratings by participants in an IMD international leadership workshop in São Paulo, 2010 show how clients rate LEO Consult: Average: 5.00 //
(5 = Excellent / 4 = Good / 3 = Fair / 2 = Poor / 1 = Very Poor)

Impressive capability to coach. Transmits positive energy that together with her solid experience facilitated the whole work. To me personally it has been more than worthwhile process and convinced me that I should get a professional coach to support me in my future plans. Thanks Leonie.

She could notice exactly what were the most important points in each person of the group. Coaches very well, congratulations. Thank you

Leonie’s comments and perceptions were really key for the group. Created a tremendous bonding.

She helped us to feel comfortable, open and deeply sincere. Thank you Leonie!

Excellent insights, managed the group very well!

Leonie, you were really wonderful, helpful and directly to the point. It really impresses me how you could make such a good work in just five days of knowing each other. Congratulations! You really changed my life!! Thanks
Voices of participants in an IMD international leadership workshop

2. (Personal Coaching)

I came to know Mrs. Leonie Schneider-Kuttig, Leoconsult, through the recommendation of a professional friend in senior leading position of our company. In our coaching sessions from 2009 – 2010 we dealt with sophisticated questions regarding leadership in times of major change within our company and regarding work-life balance. I highly appreciate the coaching style of Mrs. Schneider-Kuttig. She is inspiring, transparent in her work, friendly and also confrontational when I needed it. The coaching sessions were insightful and brought substantial solutions. A very gainful and effective invest.
Dimitri de Vreeze
President DSM Resins & Functional Materials

In a "personal coaching" session Ms Kuttig holds up an unerring mirror to her interlocutor in a friendly but deliberate way: unconscious behavioral patterns and desires are co-elaborated and the potential for a significant change or development pointed up. These self-reflections and outlooks are documented in detail, guaranteeing long-term assistance.
And as the basis for ongoing consultations, Ms Kuttig succeeds in helping you perceive your own personality and manage it with success.
R.M. Kneutgen

3. (Team Training)

“During our team training with my DSM NeoResins – Local Management Team in 2008 I came to know Mrs. Leonie Schneider-Kuttig, Leoconsult, as a very professional team trainer. Our team situation was difficult and annoying. We dealt with questions regarding cooperation and conflicts within my team of international managers. I appreciated the training with Mrs. Schneider-Kuttig. The methods she used were very effective, helpful, and brought the desired movements within our team.”
Jacqueline Touw
Global HR Director DSM Coating Resins, NL

4. (Organization development)

“Ms Leonie Schneider-Kuttig, Leoconsult, worked voluntarily for our school for over seven years until August 2010. She regularly chaired our monthly meeting of the Parent Teacher Association, one of our school’s management committees, made up of parent representatives of every class and teacher representatives. Ms Schneider-Kuttig introduced problem-solving processes in our school that were strikingly effective in improving communication between the various school committees, and co-developed our mission statement. Moreover, through a “Future Workshop” with teachers and parents she stimulated key initiatives for the future, most of which have been or are being implemented. This was an important and sustainably useful contribution to our school! The school is run by parents and teachers themselves.”
Free Waldorf School Sankt Augustin
Thomas Freitag
Member of the School Management

5. (Recruiting, in this case: Selection of trainees)

“Success story: In LeoConsult we found a partner equipped with unique skills in selecting our apprentices. The successful collaboration, which started in 1997, has so far provided us with 67 apprentices, all of whom were selected using test methods applied by LeoConsult. Time and again scrutiny of the progress of training has shown a clearly positive correlation between the desired test results and the development of the apprentices. We also receive identical feedback from the vocational schools. We will be glad to continue the successful partnership with LeoConsult in the future.”
Economist Ellen Baum, HR Manager of a medium-sized firm with a workforce of 90 – September 2011

6. (Executive Development)

“Leonie is sincere, non-judgmental, with a good eye for motivations (why people act the way they do, and do what they do). Good contact with the clients. She has a clear picture of what is going on, but has patience to wait for the right moment for intervention. Lots of stamina! She is not an “enter-trainer”, not a show-off. Serious approach but not heavy. She is acting not for her own ego but for the client. Very upright!”
C. van Frankenhuizen, Senior Program Director at DeBaak Management Center, NL (project: NLL, an international leadership program since 02.2010)

7. (Communication Workshop)

  • “Very good, in-depth”
  • “Very helpful in teaching self-awareness, of future benefit for my work, a key step towards personal development, very well run seminar, affable and competent, super.”
  • “Informative, made me think and stimulated changes. Thank you, I took a lot on board for myself professionally and for my private sphere.”
  • “Super, a lot has become clearer. Learnt new things. Even just seeing my own “mistakes” and learning from them.”
  • “Very informative and revealing and full of new ideas. The trainer: very charming, consistent, remaining true to herself … time and again!”
  • “Exceeded my expectations. The best training!”

Participant feedback from the “Communication” workshop, START Zeitarbeit, a medium-sized company