Personal development creates new potential.

In its executive coaching, LEO Consult does far more than impart knowledge: we believe that people achieve exceptional results if they remain authentic in what they do. For it is not hard to become superficially accustomed to new behavior in a given situation. But authenticity, and with it strength and conviction, arise only if the new behavior fits in with one’s own attitudes and values. So with me you can take stock of your personal and professional resources and determine individual potential and targets for development.

This is how I pave the way for the future:

  • The coaching helps the executives reflect on their own management style and management  behavior.
  • It leads from an analysis of potential to talent development.
  • It clarifies complex everyday management situations – in relation to individual members of staff, the corporate structure or phenomena like Burn-Out..
  • My individualized one-to-one coaching shows the ways and means with which the executive accomplishes his or her leadership role.