You don't see the wood for the trees? Or you want to re-check a decision?

You have picked up your school-leaving certificate and the whole world is at your feet. That is all well and good, but also a problem. Because now you have to make an important decision. A decision that can determine your entire life. From my practical experience I know that now the course is to be set for the future. It is now that will be decided whether you become “mediocre” in your profession or whether you reach your full potential. You will only do the latter if you find the profession for which you are ideally suited. A “wrong” decision can only be corrected at a later stage with great difficulty. Professional advice is therefore an investment that pays off in the long run.

Together we will find the way.

On your personal consultancy day it is not a question of “testing” you. There will not be any “good” or “bad” outcome. What my motive-oriented consultancy is about is probing your personal potential and inclinations. To do so we go on a sort of personal voyage of discovery on that day. During this “expedition” we specify your formal qualifications and find out your inclination, talent and inner motivation for certain areas of activity. Based on this we determine the course of study/profession in which you will find long-term happiness and success, because you can follow your inclinations and exploit your potential to the full.

This is how you make the right choice:

  • To find out your talents objectively I use a series of proven test procedures developed for human resource management in test psychology.
  • I give you insights into the different facets of your abilities, your personality, your inclinations and interests.
  • You are given recommendations on suitable fields of study.
  • In a detailed evaluation dialogue on the basis of the results we discuss concrete ideas and suggestions for realizing your professional prospects.