Stimuli with a long-term effect.

It is scientifically proven that one’s immediate superior is a major factor in job satisfaction [1]. His commitment and motivation rub off onto the employee, provided he is able to convey them appropriately. It is precisely on this ability that I work together with executives: LEO Consult develops social and emotional skills and promotes targeted personal growth and development into a professional identity as “leader”. In our curricula we teach the major pillars of modern leadership which enable the participant to better assess and control his own strengths and weaknesses. In addition his awareness of the task and the responsibility as boss are increased in the long run.

LEO Consult helps executives develop:

  • Executives gain qualifications at LEO Consult in a proven curricular-based program that is still geared to the individual requirements.
  • Coordinating closely with you, I am pleased to offer you tailored in-house leadership programs.
  • Executives develop their own management style: they strengthen their strengths, learn to communicate effectively and refresh their viewpoints.

[1] From the "Engagement Index 2010" Gallup study, Gallup Germany, Berlin 2011