Real teamwork turns opportunities into facts.

In my team consultancy I assist you on the short way to pragmatic and creative solutions. That applies both to the basic advising of a team with a program on team-building and to the targeted supervising and support of a team in individual questions or areas of conflict in the form of case management. The method I use is a solution-oriented program for team-building and for improving the work atmosphere. It is a clearly defined package with the time required and costs involved quite manageable.

I shape your group into a team:

  • My team development program backs up the work with teams in companies in which there have been major organizational changes.
  • The program optimizes co-operation between team members.
  • It increases mutual respect and encourages creative problem solving.
  • It improves the way newly formed or re-organized work groups operate.
  • You come with a group and a challenge. You go with a team and a plan.