From practical experience

If you notice in your company that there is a spanner in the works in a specific place, LEO Consult will lend a hand. Just think, the problem can have many causes. Quite often it is fairly obvious: mismanagement.

Let us imagine that you personally as a manager have reached a point where you want to seek help from outside. So we sit down, diagnose your leadership duties and reflect on them. LEO Consult finds out how you lead and helps you improve your leadership qualities, whilst you develop a personal leadership formula that ensures inspiration and endurance.

During my consultancy I clarify key questions with you. We discover whether you find certain actions easy whereas other situations are particularly difficult for you. We ask ourselves if you can adapt yourself to every type of employee. I study whether you manage people according to your personal inclinations and if there is a consistent management culture in your company.

Once we have answered all these questions we start to make the crucial changes: we improve the communication. We strengthen your strengths and give you new perspectives and possibilities for managing your staff. In a nutshell, we develop your new personal leadership style. In the course of this process and afterwards you will reflect critically on your own management behavior and constantly look for ways to improve it. This makes the changes I bring about have a long-term effect – for you and your company.